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*aeptis will develop tailor-made sustainable solutions as an alternative to your current standard product or supply chain.


aeptis is Greater China distributor of the first technology that makes any plastic material biodegradable. An organic additive is incorporated in existing manufacturing production lines. That enhances the biodegradability of plastics with neither physical modification to the production line nor production molds or additional machine cost.

Modified plastics have key features such as:

1 to 5 years landfill biodegradation capacity compared to no landfill biodegradation for normal plastics
3 months to 2 years of compost biodegradation versus 700 years before commencement of compost biodegradation for regular plastics
Being non-disruptive to the food supply chain
FDA compliant
ASTM D5511 and ASTM D6400 approved
Economical, with an average of only 2% to 5% increase in pricing compared to standard plastic products.